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This 10 Day Challenge is Unlike any Timeshare Sales "Training" You Have Ever Experienced; the Energy inside the group is ELECTRIC! Be Prepared for Some Massive SHIFTS to Create Those Deal Selling Vibes!

If You Are an Industry Newbie, a Seasoned Rep, Top 1%'er or TO/Manager, You Are Welcome to Join...
When You JOIN The 10 Days to Top Bonus Challenge, You Get...
       Powerful Daily Mindset/Sales Coaching Videos by Trainer to The             1%, Joanie Dhillon ~ 60 mins + every day. 

       (NOTE: Replays Available So You Can Watch At Your Leisure)

       Private Top Bonus Challenge Facebook Group with Your Other               TBC'ers Who Will Be Supporting You As You Climb to The Top!

🔥 BONUS #1 
       Exclusive Behind the Scenes, LIVE Interview With a Legend in the           Industry!

🔥 BONUS #2
       Subconscious Re-Programming Hypnosis  Audio to                                   program you to sell deals and BE a top 1%'er.

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Join the Top Bonus Challenge Now to Take Advantage of These Benefits...
  • Daily Coaching: Get coached by the Industry's Top Trainer to the 1%, Joanie Dhillon ~ 60 mins per day (replays available to watch if you miss it live!) 
  • Mindset: Learn the Mindset and Specific Daily Power Rituals of a 1%'er So You Can Be Confident and Sell More Deals With Ease.
  • Consistency: Learn What It Takes To Hit Top Bonus Monthly and My #1 Ninja Weapon I Teach My Private Coaching Clients On How to Strategically Set Goals So You WIN each Month No Matter What. 
  • Accountability: Daily Group Coaching Videos and Mentoring to Success By Joanie Dhillon To Hold You Accountable And Get You Results! 
  • Proven Sales Strategies: Learn The Methods That Timeshare's Top 1% Use To Get Results Day In And Day Out. 
  • BONUS: Exclusive, private interviews with a Timeshare Sales Legend who has sold MILLIONS of dollars in timeshare in a single year, repeatedly, year after year! (This month's guest will be announced soon!)
  • BONUS: Daily 1%er Voice Memos sent directly to you on Facebook Messenger from Joanie Dhillon to pump you up and get you focused on what you need to show up your best, sell deals and change lives that day! 🔥
  • BONUS: Sub-Conscious Re-Programming Hypnosis audio created by Joanie Dhillon especially for Timeshare Sales Reps to help you get your head right and start selling deals! 
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Copyright © 2020 Timeshare sales mastery. All Rights Reserved.
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