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Do you want to level-up your life?

Are you looking to play a bigger game?

Would you like to amplify your success and significance?
Then keep keeping reading because I’m about to reveal:
  • The Tsunami of economic ruin that is headed our way, and how you must prepare for it.
  • Why it’s imperative for you to be in the Top 1% of your industry to survive in the new economy;
  • Why the advice of old school thought leaders and influencers is a recipe for failure, and...
  • ​How thousands of Entrepreneurs and Working Professionals have gone from being on the verge of financial ruin, overworked and underpaid to being recognized as Top Industry Performers within just a few short months – and how you can achieve the same (even in the worst economic climate).

What is Going on in the World Right Now
Has NEVER Happened Before
(yes, we have entered Uncharted Territory)


If you are worried or concerned about your future, you should be.

Take a moment to think about what could possibly happen when you shut down the world’s economy.

To set the stage, here’s our current reality…

  • It’s been months now that the global economy has come to a grinding halt.
  • Little to no manufacturing, only “essentials”.
  • Restaurants hanging by a thread, many closing.
  • ​Stores closed and many will be forced out of business.
  • No public assembly.
  • ​Forced quarantine.

Not one country, but every.

It sorta feels like a science fiction movie.

Only, it can’t be turned off.

As a society, we have entered into uncharted territory...and nobody is here to bail us out.

Not the government, not anybody.

It’s going to have a major impact.

The rich will get richer, and the poor will get really freakin’ poor … fast!

And the middle class??

Well, the middle class is going to be wiped the you-know-what out

It’s a frightening reality and one worth avoiding.

If you are not ready and preparing now, it won’t be pretty.

If this all sounds like doom and gloom, end of the world stuff, let me be clear:

With great crisis, 
comes great opportunity.

So what does that mean, you may be wondering? 

I’ll explain momentarily.

Keep reading...


Check out the tweet and commentary from famed Best Selling Author and Financial Guru of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki…

Prepare for the Brave New World

You have CHOICE right now. You can decide what you put between this ear and this ear.

See, there’s no crisis out here, the only crisis is between this and this here (pointing between his ears) and in our heart.

Are you brave enough in The Brave New World…? 

If you’re going to do the same ol’ thing, you’re probably not going to make it...


There’s less job security.

Technology is changing.

The government is corrupt.

"The future is very bright
if you control what goes in your ears.”

Kiyosaki goes on to say that “Transformation is metamorphosis, like when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.”

It changes identity and form in order to survive

Once it survives, only then can it thrive.

Change is not only needed, Rockstar... 

It is necessary.

It is the only way.

The fact that you’re still reading means you’re looking for a solution…

You’re looking to transform... 

To become equipped to make it in this New World Era.

Rockstar, I want to share with you my proven methods for leveraging the power of your Subconscious Mind to unlock radical increase;

For creating powerful new outcomes that will amplify and accelerate your success; 

And for becoming a person of massive INFLUENCE – even in the toughest economic conditions, as Kiyosaki calls it, “The Brave New World”…

And to be sure, we have entered some incredibly tough economic times...

Only the Top 1% will THRIVE
in this New Economy 

To survive the global crisis, businesses are making drastic cuts.

More than 43 million Americans have lost their jobs or wages due to the current situation.

Among them, 7.7 million leisure & hospitality workers, and 6.8 million employees in education, health, retail and professional services were let go.

When budgets get slashed, under-performing employees are the first to go.

The reality?

Only Ultra-Performing superstars who greatly contribute to the bottom line will get to stay.

That is the only thing that matters in an economy like the one we are entering now.

A whole new economic era … 

One that we have never seen before … and it’s only just beginning.

Economists are saying that we are on the verge of another great depression… a Tsunami of economic devastation (unlike anything we have ever seen before) is about to hit us. 

Remember the Indian Ocean Tsunami that destroyed parts of Thailand and SE Asia back in 2004?

The first wave was much smaller. 

It did little more than soak a few sunbathers.

But the waves that came after that, flattened buildings and laid waste to entire neighborhoods.

That’s what we are going into, Rockstar!

The coming destruction is far worse than anything we have seen so far.

And anybody who is not contributing to that bottom line – moving their company out of the red and into the black (FAST!)...

...won’t have a job.

Operational efficiencies are no longer an optional extra.

They are now critical for survival.

Every single operation, system and process is being scrutinized and re-evaluated.

The ‘terms and conditions’ of performance have forever changed.

What was once considered good, is now considered mediocre.

In the new economy, only the Top 1% will succeed.

If you’re not in the Top 1% of your industry right now, you’re most likely on borrowed time.

Only the best-of-the-best will survive.
Only the Top 1% in each industry will THRIVE.

If you are not already making all the RIGHT preparations...

You will not survive what is coming.

Why Everything You are Hearing from 'Thought Leaders' and 'Gurus'...
is Wrong

What most of what the famous thought leaders and gurus are telling you, is dead wrong.

It's rooted in old-world thinking that has been made obsolete in this new era.

Strategies … tactics … methods and systems.

These are all part of the old world that no longer exists.

Worse still, the gurus-of-grind and the heroes-of-hustle are telling you to just work harder:

Put in more hours … make more calls … do more stuff …

Trying to work longer and harder than everyone around you is a recipe for disaster.

These hustle-tactics and grind-techniques will only wear you down… lower your immunity and make you more vulnerable to illness… and eventually cause you to self-destruct. 

In this New World Era...
hustle & grind are death sentences;
it’s the old, broken way.

Quick Side Note:

I’m not angry at the gurus and experts – they’re not bad people.

I don’t think they’re intentionally trying to lead you astray.

They’re probably doing their best with what they know - passing on the information that they themselves were taught by others.

And if you have followed these gurus, and subscribed to their theories and formulas, that’s okay too!

I’m sure you have done the best you can with what has been made available to you.

It’s not your fault for not knowing what you didn’t know.

Doing something is usually better than doing nothing.

But now Rockstar, it’s time to change direction… 
you need to urgently pivot.

If you stay on the path of hustle heroes and grind gurus, you will find you lack the tools and techniques to survive…

You will stand zero chance to thrive.

To Succeed in the New World,
You Must Become a New Person

Success in this New World Economy all comes down to this:

Who you are (your identity) got you to where you are.

But what got you to where you are, will not get you to where you want to go.

If you want to survive in this new world, you will need to adapt.

But if you want to go beyond mere survival,
and truly THRIVE…

to have the influence you want to have ...
to make the impact you want to make ...
to travel to the places you want to go ...
to have the relationships you desire ...
to do the work you want to do ...
to live where you want to live... 

… you will need to radically Transform.

You will need to become an entirely new person.

Change identities.

And to become a new being who fully embodies all of those things which you desire, demands a complete shedding of your old self.

You must put to death your old identity and birth an entirely new one.

A metamorphosis…

Just like the caterpillar creates a cocoon in which it transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

You will need new thoughts and beliefs about who you are, and what is possible for your life.

You will require new habits and behaviors to move you into the life you desire.

Rockstar, THAT is the reason why the gurus and thought leaders are ill-equipped to help you.

The heroes of hustle and the gurus of grind specialize in INFORMATION.

But to thrive in this new-world economy, you will need TRANSFORMATION.

Transformation happens from the inside out, not from the outside in...

I found this out the hard way in 2008, when the Economic Tidal Wave of 2008 decimated my business.

When you sign up today for the
you only pay a one time investment of just $97 $37.
you only pay a one time investment of just $97 $37
Use the Code: "PROMO" at checkout to save 60%
Use the Code: "PROMO" at checkout to save 60%
How I Went from
Being Broke and Booted to Becoming the Best 

Hey there, Rockstar!

My name is Joanie Dhillon.

I am a Peak Performance Coach & Master Hypnotherapist, and I help aspiring Ultra-Achieving Professionals go from floundering and flailing to the Top 1% of their industry in record time.

Here’s an extremely condensed version of my own transformation story:

In 2005, I started a clothing company, with a 100+ person manufacturing facility in Seattle that supplied high-end retail stores around the world. Our business was unique and under-represented in the market; we were going places.

But then the 2008 financial crisis hit, banks stopped lending money to stores, and the business stalled.

In April 2009, I was forced to get a job and somehow found myself entering into the crazy world of selling vacation ownership, yep you guessed it, Timeshare.

My Masters in Business Administration (MBA) didn’t exactly transfer to this ‘hard as hell’ skill set of putting people on vacations when they had zero intentions to buy upon entering for their “free gift”, so when 4,000 employees were cut in October of 2009, I was one of them.

But within a few months I went from being unemployed, broke, managing a fast-failing business and struggling to pay bills, to being rehired once again and
rising to #1 sales rep within my first year.

These were people like Aja Ramirez...

Every year after that, I sold more and earned more than I had the year before. I made more money than I ever dreamt possible and I was living the dream.

(Oh, and all that while taking 4 months off every year).

But there was a problem, Rockstar. You see, deep inside, I knew that I wanted more … I wanted to have a bigger impact on the world.

I also craved my Freedom … the liberty to be successful on my own terms, to work remotely from the beaches and cafes of the world.

So in 2015, I left my company and my career, to help other struggling Timeshare Reps who were on the verge of termination, to rapidly climb to the top 1% of their company and their industry.

I’ve also worked with people like…

While these are certainly amazing transformations, they are NOT exceptions to the rule.

I have now taken thousands of clients through my transformation process.

The success that Aja, Danielle and Chris have experienced is becoming increasingly common.

How I Discovered My Unique, Branded System for Creating Your 1% Life:
The Three Pillars of a Radically Transformed Life

Here’s a summary of how I managed to rise to the Top 1% in my industry...

And how I’ve since helped thousands of clients to achieve the same, out-performing their peers and earning more than they ever dreamt possible. 

Transformation Pillar #1

It’s no secret that the world’s highest achievers have developed a specific set of habits that support their outcomes.

To be the best, I needed to develop the habits of the best.

But with so many good habits of success to choose from, I had to work out which habits were most critical to creating a 1% Life.

Once I figured out what they were, I committed myself to embodying those habits.

But even in my commitment to success habits, I would still find myself being derailed by self-doubt and limiting beliefs … I soon realized that in order to become a 1%’er, I would have to remove these mental mind barriers to success.

That led me to…

Transformation Pillar #2
Subconscious Reprogramming

It’s one thing to BELIEVE you’re somebody…

It's an entirely different thing to subconsciously KNOW you are that person.

I soon realized that applying my conscious mind to creating good habits wasn’t enough.

A whole new identity was required – and identity exists at a subconscious level.

So here’s how I started to work with my subconscious mind:

I spent a lot of time and energy programming my mind with the new 1%’er identity required.

The specific identity that my desired outcomes relied upon…

I realized I would never have the Outcome unless the Identity came first.

Even though I consciously believed I could do it, subconsciously, I wasn’t yet there...

I began installing the appropriate belief systems in my mind.

Morning and evening “power rituals” became my new normal.

I used neuroscience tools and techniques to remove the subconscious blocks that were holding me back.

With a new identity, new subconscious installations and new habits, my results dramatically improved.

But along the way, something quite profound occurred to me:

A sale is an exchange between (at least) two people.

As a salesperson, my transformed identity and beliefs only applied to 50% of the equation.

In order to be the Top 1%, and produce consistent results, I would also need my potential buyers (my prospective clients) to shift THEIR identity and beliefs.

That led me to…

Transformation Pillar #3

Establishing influence is essential, if you aspire to be in the Top 1% of your company or industry.

To influence people is to guide their behaviors, attitudes, opinions and choices.

Influence is not to be confused with power or control.

It’s not about manipulating others to get your way.

Influence is about noticing what motivates people, then using that knowledge to inspire action.

When I broke this down, I started learning how to create massive influence with my potential buyers.

I went from someone who used to sell my own designed clothing, to enrolling clients to spend between $20K and $100K+ in less than 60 minutes …

These clients would come in with zero desire to purchase, and would walk out an hour later, fully convinced that they had made the best decision for their family and their life.

Two is Better than One, 
But Three is Best

Are you merely looking to stay alive in the New World Era?

Applying ONLY ONE of these Pillars of Transformation will improve your chances of surviving the Economic Tsunami that is hurtling towards us…

Adopting TWO of these Pillars of Transformation is BETTER THAN ONLY ONE.

But if you want to go beyond merely surviving…

If you want to truly THRIVE in the new economy…

If you want to become the best in your company and your industry…

If you want to be radically transformed and create for yourself a “1% Life” …

…then you will be required to embrace ALL THREE of these Pillars of Transformation.

These three Pillars of Transformation will support and sustain your 1% Life.

Your Invitation To Experience
'The 1% Life'

If you are ready to level-up your life…

If you want to thrive in the new economy…

If you are ready to play a new and much bigger game, then…

You’re invited to join us for the
It’s unlike anything you have experienced.
It’s everything you need!

This challenge will transform your thinking and shift your beliefs.

Anything will become possible for you:

Your most ambitious goals will become achievable.
Your desires will begin to manifest and materialize
Your dreams will finally begin to take shape and take flight

This challenge will present you with NEW & ESSENTIAL tools for personal transformation.

This challenge will help you step into a resourceful and empowered state of being

This challenge will guide you to new habits and power rituals. 

This challenge will amplify and accelerate your success

Here’s what you will get when you enroll in The 10-day Create Your 1% Life Challenge:

🔥 (10 Days) Daily ‘Power Hour’ Mentorship Training from me (Joanie Dhillon)

+ access to the daily replays if you miss a session in the ‘Transformation Treasury’ Vault

(Usual price is $3,500)

🔥 (10 Days) Daily Group Coaching and Mentoring to Success by Me

To Hold You Accountable and Get You Real & Rapid Results!

(Usual price is $397)

🔥 Exclusive ‘Mindsets & Power Rituals of the 1% Life’ Training

So you can begin to make quantum leaps in progress (even months after completing the challenge).

(Usual price is $997)

🔥 “Align Your Mind” Visualization + Manifestation Training for The 1%

Learn the specific mind-hacking visualization and manifestation tools and techniques that the world’s highest achievers use to align their Conscious desires with their Subconscious Mind to attract all that they want in their life.

(Usual price is $397)

🔥 ‘Next-Level Ninja’ Goal-Setting Training

This is NOT your typical “blah blah” about goals. This material is usually reserved for my private coaching clients, but I’ve decided to include it in the Create Your 1% Life Challenge on Day 1!

It’s such a game-changer, that it’s worth 10 X Your Investment (!!) on its own as you will learn how to align your Conscious Mind with your Subconscious Mind so you get massive results.

(This teaching of mine is NOT for sale, but I promise you would sell like crazy for $497)

That’s an insane $5,788 of value bundled into
10-Days of Life-Changing Experience!
So How Much Does It Cost?

When you enroll in the Create Your 1% Life Challenge today, you won’t pay $5,788!

You also won’t pay $2,500, which is what some of my private coaching clients pay me EVERY MONTH, to experience the 1% Life.

You won’t pay $997 or even $497.

When you sign up today for the
you only pay a one time investment of just $97 $37.
you only pay a one time investment of just $97 $37.
Use the Code: "PROMO" at checkout to save 60%
Use the Code: "PROMO" at checkout to save 60%

My team and I have taken more than a thousand people through this challenge.

These people have created for themselves a new identity for success.

They have installed new habits of being.

They have changed their lives and created magnificent results.

They have risen to the top of their companies and their industries.

They have out-performed the masses, all through the teachings inside this 10 day challenge.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Here’s what some of my past clients have shared about the extraordinary results they achieved:

“The whole process of the 10-day challenge was huge, and I’ve spent some serious money on programs like, "Date With Destiny" and "Life Wealth Mastery".... 

The greatest thing about Joanie’s program is that it is so structured and so well laid out, it’s like a roadmap to your success with no gaps.  

I feel like I have studied under some of the best people in NLP and trainers in the industry like Tony Robbins … 

This program really put everything together for me … talk about changing your life and attracting abundance in all areas – truly manifesting it and owning it.  

I was used to hitting top level bonus every month for 5 years straight … and [just before] I entered the 10-day challenge, I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t selling anything. But when I started the challenge, I did more [sales] volume in 10 days than I had in the 5 months before it”.

~Danielle Giancola

“I’ve sold $723,000 since I started with the 10-Day challenge.”

~Jamie Black

Needing a bit more incentive to totally transform your life?
Keep reading to learn about my FAST-ACTION REWARDS.
Have You Got a Bit of 
Action-Hero in you?
 Do You Want Some Rewards?

Hey Rockstar!

Here’s something you should probably know about me:

I have massive respect for decisive people who take immediate action.

In fact, I get so excited when clients take action, that I tend to shower them with rewards.

So here’s the deal: 

When you sign up for the Create Your 1% Life Challenge today, you can expect these sweet extras to be headed your way:

Fast Action Rewards (BONUSES)

Fast-Action Reward #1

An exclusive training session with Best-Selling Author, Former World Karate Champion, High-Performance Coach and Trainer to Olympic Champions, Satori Mateu. This exclusive training, is jam-packed with insider secrets of the Top 1%.

This rare gem is easily worth $697.

Fast-Action Reward #2

Each day of the Create Your 1% Life Challenge (that’s 10 days!), I will send you an energizing and encouraging voice memo via Facebook messenger. 

So what’s the value of having a top Peak Performance Mentor & Strategist showing up in your inbox EVERY DAY (for 10 days) with buckets of energy, insight and inspiration??

This is as close to priceless as you’re going to get … but let's just say it's worth $97.

Fast-Action Reward #3

My Subconscious Reprogramming Hypnosis Audio (created by yours truly), will help you to leverage the power of your subconscious mind, shift habits and beliefs, and unlock radical increase.

This might be slightly biased, but I’m going to assert that this audio is worth $299.

With those Fast-Action Rewards thrown in,
that’s a whopping total value of $6,881
at a ridiculously low price of $97 $37

“I never imagined a $97 investment would give me an immediate $6,600 commission & it’s not even the end of the month yet”.

~Sharon Gilstrap

It’s Your Time

Now you have a choice to make:

You can continue to do what you have done in the past … you can wait for the next waves of the economic Tsunami to wash over your life and career…

You know where that will go.

you can embrace Transformation,
and get a new result.

You can become a totally new, resourceful and empowered person who achieves ambitious goals, and whose dreams and desires are made real – someone who has risen to the Top 1% of their industry, and who enjoys success and significance.

The choice is yours.

You can have your old identity with little to no results,

OR, you can decide to change and become the person who THRIVES through this new economy, and set yourself up to win.

So get started below, and sign up for the 10-Day ‘Create Your 1% Life Challenge’

Here’s What You Get 
When You Sign Up for the 10-Day 

🔥  (10 Days) Daily ‘Power Hour’ Mentorship Training from me ($3,500 value)
🔥  (10 Days) Daily Group Coaching and Mentoring to Success by Me ($397 value)
🔥  Exclusive ‘Mindsets & Power Rituals of 'The 1% Life’ Training ($997 value)
🔥  “Align Your Mind” Visualization + Manifestation Training for The 1% ($397 value)
🔥  'Next-Level Ninja’ Goal-Setting Training ($497 value)


Fast-Action Rewards:
🎁  Exclusive Interview with Satori Mateu ($697 value)
🎁  Daily Inspirational Voice Memo via Facebook Messenger ($97 value)
🎁  Subconscious Reprogramming Hypnosis Audio ($299 value)

Total Value: $6,881
Your investment Today Just $97 $37

The Next ‘Create Your 1% Life’ Challenge is Starting 
September 10th!

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